40 yrs afterwards, recently shaped cold case squad finds Fort Benning Army private’s killer

In 1982, the overall body of a Fort Benning Military personal was uncovered in Chattahoochee County. Her killer was hardly ever observed.

Now 40 a long time later on, a suspect has been indicted and Channel 2′s Dave Huddleston is the only reporter who has spoken with the men dependable for fixing the scenario.

It is the 1st time this special investigative workforce has talked publicly.

There are a lot more than 540 unsolved homicides in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s data files.

Now a staff — designed up completely of retired agents– is taking a contemporary seem at those data files with 1 determination: bringing justice to victims and their people.

Rene Blackmore, 20, was an Army personal at Fort Benning when she disappeared in 1982. Times later on her entire body was identified. Her killer was not.


“She was younger. She experienced her total daily life forward of her. She would be 60 yrs old now,” GBI chilly case squad investigator Jimmy Talkington explained. “That’s really significantly a total daily life there that she skipped, and her family missed.”

GBI agents worked the case for a several many years but sales opportunities ran dry and additional situations piled up. Blackmore’s file went cold.

“An unsolved murder situation doesn’t go absent. it stays in that business office. Permanently,” GBI chilly circumstance squad investigator Don Robertson mentioned.

4 a long time later on, 3 retired GBI agents think they’ve ultimately identified the man liable for Blackmore’s dying.

They make up 50 % the GBI’s freshly fashioned chilly situation squad.

“We got started off in January of 20,” GBI chilly situation squad investigator Chris Tolbert mentioned.

Tolbert heads up the squad. He explained to Huddleston that after placing out a survey to all retired agents in 2019 inquiring who would be interested, they chose the 6 ideal.


“These fellas have skills in some of these cases that have been really tough, that were being infamous through Georgia, so they ended up the proper types,” Tolbert mentioned.

For the brokers, it also intended a opportunity to find closure for the victim’s families and themselves.

“One of the most difficult things in the globe is having to convey to a loved ones that you’ve run out of potential customers and that their loved a person who has been murdered is heading to go,” Robertson explained.

The agency requested every regional place of work to submit their top two cold situations. Chattahoochee County chose the Blackmore murder.

Robertson and Rothwell remembered the situation.

“It’s some thing that has been in my brain a extensive time — for 40 many years,” Robertson said.

“We assumed this circumstance essential resolution. This target will need justice,” Rothwell said.

For Talkington, this would be his 1st time viewing the file.

“These chilly instances are puzzles and you want to place the parts again collectively and see if there are any new items that you can place in there,” Talkington said.

Each individual man labored the scenario separately likely as a result of each individual document, every piece of proof with out worrying about other cases.

They have been in a position to adhere to an aged lead that finally paid off.

“We’ve received somebody we consider is really responsible and is likely to be prosecuted,” Robertson reported.

He was referring to the prosecution of Marcelles McCluster, 64, a male already serving a lifestyle sentence for a separate homicide.

When they know not every scenario will have the exact same outcome, they’re ready for the problem.

“It’s all about the victims and the victims’ people acquiring these instances solved and having the poor men off the street,” Talkington explained.

“There’s a satisfaction that we all have of getting a element of one thing that necessary to be done,” Rothwell claimed.

“All we have to do is be fortunate or fantastic at our careers one particular time. And that’s what we’re hunting for,” Robertson reported.

“So significantly, you’re batting 1,000,” Huddleston claimed.

“We will not normally be batting 1,000, but I’ll consider it as very long as we can preserve it,” Robertson explained.

The chilly circumstance squad didn’t want us to share the details of what led them to the indictment, since the situation is truly transferring by means of the courts right now and they really do not want nearly anything to jeopardize this situation that took 40 many years to perhaps remedy.

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